The Exercises You Should Actually Be Doing In The Gym

It is important that people understand the reason to go to the gym before they start with the exercises. It is important that you understand the main purpose and the body part you are trying to concentrate. You can also make sure to take advice from the trainer before going in as this will allow you to bring functional exercises which can allow you to have the right ability in daily life. Here are a few exercises which will allow you to have a toned body which you can be doing in the gym.


Squats are the king of exercises are it is not just good for your lower body but also good for your core muscles. This is one of the best exercises which will work on your metabolism and can allow you to get a boost of testosterone to help increase your lean muscle mass and strength. This allows you to burn more calories and increase fat burn. Try to make sure that you are going as far down as possible to see optimal benefits which will allow one to burn more calories.


Bench press

If you are looking to have a firm and strong upper body, bench presses are your best friend. This will allow you to hit your chest, shoulder, triceps, etc. Try varying the angle the bench to help incline, flat and decline certain areas of muscles and stimulate the progression. Also, try to make sure that you have grip patterns with close grips, reverse grips, and wide grips to help change your stimulus.


The bench press hits the front of the body, which can help hit the backs. This is one move which is great and can work as a compound exercise for the working of your back, biceps and hips which can allow one to help with your core muscles allow you to stabilise your body. It is important that you avoid any momentum when you are doing this movement which is the number of mistakes that most people make. You can use slow and controlled movements for optimal results. Vary the exercise using dumbbells, bars and cables. Keep you speed varied with the movement and can allow you to have slow, consistent speed after each rep.



Pull-ups are go-to for any person who likes home workouts which will allow you to work on your back. The rows hit you on all the horizontal movement patterns, and pull-ups make it easier for achieving the vertical movement pattern. This is a move to increase your back thickness which can help create the illusion of a slimmer waistline. There are many assisted machinery which can vary with each rep allowing one to perform 20 reps per set.

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